The dreams of some brides have turned into nightmares after a bridal gown or bridesmaids gowns have been purchased from unauthorised sellers on the Internet, and the dress or dresses have arrived damaged, second-hand, faulty, the wrong size or colour, or even the wrong dress. Even if the right dress arrived, it may be of inferior quality, and it can be very difficult if not impossible to get a replacement or refund.

The bride is left with a dress she cannot wear for her big day. Is it worth the risk?

What if the dress does not fit properly? How difficult will it be to get it altered? A bona-fide UK bridal wear shop MAY take it on, but will charge a premium for doing it, and who can blame them? So that cheap dress may turn out to be an expensive and not very good one after all.

Some Internet sellers also omit to tell the buyer that she is responsible for paying Import Duty and VAT on the dress when it arrives in this country; the delivery company may not hand over the dress until all charges have been paid. If the order is for a number of dresses then such charges can be a very substantial amount.

Ordering a dress from a UK based bridal shop ensures that you get a dress that you can see before you buy, try on, and have altered at a reasonable cost, all with a friendly, personal and professional service to ensure that your big day goes as it should, and is not a disaster. You will receive advice from experts if you are unsure of what might suit you, and will be able to try on dresses that you may not have considered suitable, but could make you look a million dollars!


HOLD THIS THOUGHT – Ladies your wedding day is the most important day of your life, are you prepared to ruin it?